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Kirimoto Woodwork & Lacquerware visit

Duration :
1 hour
Period :
All year
No. of participants :
Min. 2 persons /Max. 20 persons

Wajima is synonimous with top-quality lacquerware. The Kirimoto family has dedicated to wood and lacquerware product development for more than 200 years. the talented craftspeople of the company are still exploring the possibilities of wood and lacquer as a part of modern lifestyles. Some of their work has been ornementing luxury hotels around the world. Through this visit, discover how such craftsmen work and learn more about the durability and virtues of this craft.

The owner will welcome you first to the woodwork section, the base for all genuine lacquerware items. Craftsmen take great care in carving each item, favorising manual tools over machinery. That is because craftsmen believe that machine can not be as accurate as actual manual work: the size of these items can not be approximate, but as close to perfection as possible considering that lacquer will add some thikness.

You will then be invited to enter the “nuri” lacquerware application section. The process is much more complex than just painting lacquer. Depending on the layer, different techniques will be used. What makes Wajima Lacquerware so unique is the use of Jinoko, a very special powder made from local, top-grade diatomaceous earth, and the adding of pieces of cloth to improve durability. Enjoy observing the dedication of the craftsme in their work while learning about the process and surprising facts.

Finish with an introduction to some of their prime work, and have a look at their gallery for genuine Wajima lacquerware and maybe bring some back home.



1 hour

Meeting & Ending point

At Kirimoto


All year

No. of participants

Min. 2 person /Max. 20 persons