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feel the bond between nature and culture

Living with nature, Living with tradition

Between the roughness of the Japan sea that has shaped its northern wild shore, and its deep but quiet, bountiful inner bay, “Kindness all the way to the soil” is a proverb used to define the remote land of Noto, blessed with an abundance of delicious foods.
Relatively unchanged by industrialisation, centuries old crafts are still being honored here. Out of time villages with wooden walls and black tiled roofs still subtly frequent their environment.
Seaweed picking, salt farming, clamps picking or fishing, the sea is still patiently exploited. Then of course, all the blessings from the kind gods are still being praised through dozens of exciting festivals. Nowhere else than in Noto, one can feel the bond between nature and culture.

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Model tours

Model itineraries are sample travel plans focusing on a particular theme or season.
They have been designed to make the best use of your time on the Noto Peninsula.
You can use them as they are, but can be adjusted to your needs and special requests. Please contact us directly to arrange customized tours.

Things to do

Find here our recommendation for sightseeing spots on the Noto Peninsula, and an array of activities and experiences to spice up your journey.