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Chinkin “sunken gold” experience

Duration :
Period :
All year
No. of participants :
Min. 2 persons /Max. 6 persons

An authentic chinkin making experience with Zanko-san, teacher and one of the most prominent Chinkin figure in Ishikawa.

Chinkin is the process of carving lines in the lacquered surface, then submerge (chin) with gold (kin). This will transform the Lacquerware into an even more gracious item.

Zanko-san will briefly teach you how to use the chisel and carve patterns into the lacquer surface. After what, you will carve the motif of your choice on a pannel, and finally incrust real gold powder for immediate astounishing results, which will make up for a wonderfull souvenir.

Wajima Lacquerware

One unique feature of Wajima lacquerware is the use of Jinoko (a type of diatomaceous earth), and is highly regarded as one of Japan’s representative lacquerware, characterized by its robust coating and elegant decoration.



3 hours

Meeting & Ending point

Lacquerware workshop in Wajima


All year

No. of participants

Min. 2 persons /Max. 6 persons


Meet at Lacquerware workshop
Witness the entire process of Wajima-nuri, Japan most famous lacquerware renown for its quality.
We will move to the home and workshop of a Wajima-nuri craftsman to observe the process of carving patterns into the surface of the lacquer with a blade and adhering gold powder.
After that, we will experience actual chinkin art decoration process on a Wajima lacquerware plate.