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Craft charcoal, behind the scene of tea ceremony at Noto Hahaso

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All year
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Min. 2 persons

Before industrialisation, charcoal was referred as the black gold of Noto, as the industry was so prolific. During the cold Japanese winter, charcoal was the main source of heat that would be placed in the Irori, the traditionnal fireplace. With the emergence of other sources of energy, most charcoal makers have put an end to their activity. Nevertheless, a need for high-grade charcoal used in tea ceremonies is remaining.

Craftsman Mr Ono has been taking over his father charcoal manufacture, not only to face the challenge of traditional production survival, but to bring it to a whole new level: sustainability. Mr Ono is not just producing charcoal, he is involved in the whole process, starting by planting trees and revive the luxuriant mountains. Every steps are accompanied by analysis such as CO2 captation or release, impact on bio-diversity,.. with very impressive results, definitely worth checking out yourself.

Through this visit, Mr Ono will introduce you to the world of charcoal making. He will guide you around his workshop and explain about the process of top-grade charcoal making.

Next step will be to get to one of his revived forest in the mountains, with impressive views on the tip of the Noto Peninsula. It will be a great spot to appreciate the benefits of considerate charcoal making on the environment. Mr Ono won’t miss the opportunity on pleasing you by serving freshly brewed coffee (of course using charcoal) while enjoying the surrounding nature.



1.5 hour

Meeting & Ending point

Noto Hahaso


All year

No. of participants

Min. 2 persons